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    Whisky Glenlivet 18 Ani 0.7l


    Glenlivet 18 Year Old is an extremely expressive variety, winner of numerous international medals which attest to its quality and tendency towards perfection. Master Distiller Alan Winchester has chosen an unusual combination of wood casks made from American and European oak. The Glenlivet 18 single malt has a classic character and elegantly combines the...

    300,93 lei
  • GLENLIVET 15 ANI 40% 0.7L

    Whisky Glenlivet 15 Ani 0.7l


    Glenlivet 15 Year Old is a special and exotic single malt native to Scotland. This whisky is famous for being one of the first types of whisky matured in casks made from French oak. The pure amber colour and choice packaging of Glenlivet 15 Year Old portray its intensity and grandeur. Its finish is persistent, with spicy flavours, while its smell reveals...

    191,53 lei
  • Whisky The Glenlivet 12 ani, Single Malt Scotch Whisky (0.7L)

    Whisky The Glenlivet 12 Ani 0.7L


    Glenlivet 12 Year Old is a complex classic single malt specific to the Speyside region. The mineral-rich spring water contributes to the shaping of the flavours during the production process, while the dimension of the copper stills plays an important part in outlining the profile of this exceptional single malt. Glenlivet 12 Year Old is matured...

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