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  • OLMECA SILVER BLANCO 0.7L 70cl / 38% Tequila

    Tequila Olmeca Silver Blanco 0.7l


    Olmeca Silver Clasico is a white or blanco tequila. With an alcohol content of 38 %, this tequila originates from Mexico.  Olmeca Silver Clasico is a premium liquor, it is double distilled, which renders it high purity and incomparable quality.   As a white tequila, it is sweet, which makes it perfect straight, as a shot, as well as in daring cocktail...

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  • OLMECA GOLD 0.7L 70cl / 38% Tequila
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    Tequila Olmeca Gold 0.7L


    OLMECA GOLD TEQUILA is a liquor in the category of tequila. With an alcohol content of 38%, this liquor originates from Mexico, and is an entirely clear gold or golden tequila. The recipe of this tequila brand includes a special blend, perfectly balancing the tones of wood with the classic, fiery scent of alcohol. Olmeca Gold Tequila is a premium...

    70,33 lei