Personal data protection policy
The protection of personal data of customers and users of the site is very important for us and we have taken all necessary measures so that they can be used exclusively for the purpose announced in a transparent manner and within the limits of Romanian and EU legislation ( European Union) in force.

Procer Company SA, headquartered in Strada Lanariei, number 93-95, 2nd floor, sector 4, Bucharest, J40 / 18934/1994, fiscal code RO6347581, as owner of the site, is engaged to keep the confidentiality of the information provided by its clients, directly or indirectly.

The purpose of processing personal data

We do not store personal data if they are not necessary for carrying out the commercial activity. All data is stored transparently and within the limits of the law.

They can be stored for:

- to make possible the delivery, return or exchange of products;

- to make possible the resolution of possible complaints;

- to make possible the use of the site, in an easy way;

- to allow users and customers to receive the most relevant offers and products, by identifying their preferences;

- to quickly process transactions;

- to make possible the organization of contests, etc.

What personal data do we process

Among the personal data collected are the name, delivery addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, telephone conversations with our operators, browsing history on the site, site access data, payment data, etc.

Some of these personal data are provided directly by site users and buyers by creating an account, by reviewing a product, by placing an order, by writing comments on the site, etc.

Other personal data may be collected through cookies. In addition to the data presented on this page regarding the processing of personal data, please also consult the cookie policy.

To whom we transmit personal data

In certain situations we have to collect the personal data partially to third parties, only if it is absolutely necessary, ie if in this way we can deliver the products, we can resolve appeals, we can facilitate online payments, we can make the user experience as simple and relevant as possible, etc.

As such, certain personal data may reach courier companies (address, telephone, name, etc.), electronic payment service providers, marketing service providers, etc.

As long as personal data is kept

We keep personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes described on this page but also others with similar themes. Their retention period differs depending on the type of personal data collected.

Some personal data, such as those collected using coockie files, can be deleted on their own after a certain period of time or can be deleted by each user from the browser.

Customers and users may request, among other things, the deletion of certain personal data, their receipt in a structured format or may simply ask to be confirmed if personal data is stored. These rights are regulated in the legislation in force. If the users of the site or the buyers consider that their rights regarding the collection and / or storage of character data are violated, they can file a complaint or they can address the courts.

By browsing, all users agree to the conditions listed above. These are completed with the legislation in force in the field.