About us

Once upon a time ... and not like never before, and like always, in the whirlwind of life ... It was, first of all, a necessity. From it were born an idea, many turmoils, impulses, calculations, usurping thoughts of giving up, then other impulses, as it happened - maybe - at any foundation. When you look at the end result now, you are tempted to forget the clear-dark moment of the beginning. Only he continues to live and talk to you ... At the end of this journey you find today a thriving, prosperous company called PROCER COMPANY.

Concretization of the final result: PROCER Company

Dynamic, full of interest, made up of young people, eager to evolve, positive, PROCER Company has fully Romanian private capital. Present in Romania since 1990, PROCER is one of the most correct, serious and complex companies for import, export and distribution of beverages in South-Eastern Europe.

What makes it so special?

Quality, diversity, because it has over 2000 SKUs of carefully selected drinks, rare, which are constantly in stock. The variety is the merit of this prestigious company, because it offers all categories of drinks: beer, wine, soft drinks, energizers, spirits, which come from over 50 countries.

Let's make his portfolio known!

Probably the most complex portfolio in the industry, because PROCER is distinguished from other companies by the fact that it is passionate about offering the best experience from each of its products, but also by the fact that its strategy is consumer-oriented. Therefore, the portfolio of this company is structured in three categories. Here they are:

"Brand" products. With a remarkable collection of old and new beverage brands, appreciated internationally or regionally, PROCER Company meets the demands of consumers and aims to satisfy all types of beverages.

Products for the ethnic market. Wanting to leave a positive mark on consumers, PROCER raises its standards through the complex set of beverages from all ethnic segments. It is constantly ensured that all consumers enjoy drinks for the specific cuisine or communities in the following areas: ASIA (Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, India, etc.); EUROPE (France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, etc.); AMERICA (USA, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, etc.); AUSTRALIA.

Value for money products. In its portfolio, PROCER has products with competitive prices, transparent and an unmatched selection, so the value for money is unmissable. It has managed to expand its portfolio with spirits of all kinds, quality, a rich range of wines at attractive prices, various soft drinks that delight with their great price, and in terms of beer ... is the most competitive in terms of quality-price . PROCER products can be found nationwide throughout Romania, on the shelves of large networks, as well as in the traditional on and off trade market.

Alcool Discount - continuation of PROCER Company

The PROCER group now includes the Alcool Discount online store, responsible for the authentic experiences of consumers.

Why will you love this store?

Alcool Discount was born in December 2009, with the main purpose of selling alcoholic beverages around the world. It is famous for its variety of products: wines from the New World, Asian drinks, whisky from all over the world and beer of all types - blonde, black, brown, filtered, unfiltered, unpasteurized, with flavors, etc.

Alcool Discount Team set out to build a business out of a passion for good, fine drinks, offering a variety of products at attractive prices and affordable to any pocket.

Alcool Discount puts consumers and their needs in the center of attention, sharing their desire to take part in the most beautiful moments with consumers. That's why it promises to offer premium drinks.

What values ​​underlie the Discount Alcohol business?

  • Respect for consumers.
  • High standards of responsibility.
  • Honesty towards consumers.
  • Passion.
  • Loyalty.
  • The balance.

The passion for quality drinks at fair prices is the main factor driving Alcool Discount.

This store works both online, on www.alcooldiscount.ro, and offline, with outlets in different places in Bucharest: Tei, Titan or Tineretului area.

Since its inception in 2009, Alcool Discount has been providing real-time assistance for any kind of requirement. The Alcool Discount Team always strives to meet the requirements and needs of all consumers and live up to their expectations. That is why their team can be contacted both by phone (on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram) and through the existing e-mail on the site, under the heading "Contact by E-mail".

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or you need a large amount of drinks that can be used for events or even your own business, Alcohol Discount helps you organize your surprises or parties, coming to your aid with the lowest prices. from the market, but also with international brands, for you to spend in international style!

The products offered by Alcool Discount

On the Alcool Discount website, each product is accompanied by a description, which can help consumers find useful information about the products they are interested in.

If you want to enjoy Italian, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, etc., Alcool Discount offers a wide range of drinks from almost all countries: United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal , Greece, Turkey, Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, South Korea, Uruguay, Lebanon, Hungary.

All products in the Alcool Discount offer are 100% original and are purchased in accordance with the laws and regulations of Romania and the European Union. Importing the entire offer they currently have allows them to have the lowest prices on the market for a percentage of 80%.

Also, each order placed on the site is invoiced according to the law, and each bottle has a stamp in accordance with the laws in force in Romania.

AlcoolDiscount presents a varied online catalog, with national and international drinks, some even award-winning, that meet the requirements of consumers. Attentive to quality and diversity, the team offers consumers continuous assistance, experience in packaging products and speed in placing the order.

Consumer satisfaction is what defines the AlcoolDiscount team! Out of a passion for quality and special drinks, it offers the opportunity to buy products at the best price, 100% original, as well as a lot of international brands from which consumers can choose.

So, if you want to enjoy quality drinks in the comfort of your own home, don't forget that they come bundled with advantageous prices!

Choose to pay the best price with Discount Alcohol! Have a nice drink! :)

The Alcool Discount Team!