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Blended Whisky Black Velvet, 40% alc., 0.7L, Canada
Black Velvet Whisky is a whisky which originates from Canada. A blended whisky as smooth as velvet, just like the name suggests. Its taste, so highly appreciated by consumers, has made it the second best-sold whisky in Canada. 
Nevertheless, its current name is not the one it used to bear in the beginning. In the first few years after it appeared, it was called “Black Label”, but the master distiller at the time, Jack Napier, said it was as smooth as velvet. So, from 1940 onwards, “Black Label” turned into “Black Velvet” and went on to become one of the most appreciated whiskies out there. 
It has an unmistakeable caramel and coconut flavour, topped off by subtle hints of vanilla. It is aged for three years and the first thing you will notice upon opening the bottle is the smell of delicious ripe fruit. The finish is relatively short, fairly spicy, with a strong caramel and caramelised sugar aroma.
65.02 lei